Discover Goa & Uncover Best Beaches of Goa for Foreigners

Discover Goa & Uncover Best Beaches of Goa for Foreigners

India is considered to be a place that has rich and varied cultural heritage. It has been endowed with natural beauty and there is no doubt that is technological advanced and is in a better financial condition than most other countries. Tourism is one of the major industries in India, and why would that not be after all the country has been bestowed some really exotic places and the hospitality of the people just adds to the charm the country exudes as a whole. Goa at its best is well known for best beaches in india along with beach huts,lets explore goa this holiday season.

Goa is one such place in the country and this place is a tourist destination to all intents and purposes. The place has a very ancient history and there are scores of  that you can visit and soak in the sun while you are there. You can enjoy the local handicrafts, clothes and other materials that are sold in the shacks all along the shore. There are spots for sightseeing, and the place a long of churches that are all very ancient and are very impressive. The place offers a very intriguing combination of the traditional and modern lifestyle and this is distinctly visible from the way life is lead by the local people here.

We all know about the beaches of Goa and how they bustling with activity all through the day. But there is much more to Goa than these sun-kissed beaches. Goa has waterfalls, spice farms and even some forests that are all worth visiting. There are also many local festivals that are celebrated with great fervour by the Goan people and there are annual carnivals that attract tourists from overseas.

The beaches of Goa provide you with ample opportunities to enjoy yourself and relax. There are water sports, that are a lot of fun and you will be left craving for more of the adrenaline rush. Also there is paragliding and if you choose to go for this then you will get an aerial view of the sea and the huge orange sun spreading its rays all over before finally setting in the horizon.

Goa also offers a great nightlife and that is one of the main reasons that youngsters all across the globe like to visit this place. There are many ways of getting to Goa. First you need to get a flight to India, you can choose to land at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai or Kerala. It would be most convenient to fly down to Mumbai from the UK and once you are at Mumbai, you can get a connecting flight, a train or even a bus to Goa. Best time to visit goa is in November and may, November because of Christmas and may for summer holidays. If you are not able to make it this year you can try holidays to goa for 2012 and uncover beautiness of beautiful place.

You can Book Cheap Goa Holiday Packages & Flights with Lumle Holidays Pvt , a UK Based Tour Operator offering excellent services in competitive prices. So journing in Goa is not an issue as there are many types of accommodation that are available. You can put up in five star hotel or can live in the small lodges and guesthouses that are present almost everywhere. Booking must be done well in advance as the place receives a major part of the tourists who come to India and thus the places tend to get packed.