Lucky Meisenheimer, Physician,  Author, Guinness World Record holder, Etcetera.  An actor and writer/producer on many of the Lucky-Rose films, he has made many television appearances including Nationally syndicated shows such as The Martha Stewart Show, Real People, PM Magazine, What Would You Do, Americas Health Network “Ask the Family Doctor”, Treasures in your Home, Nickelodeon Sports and Games,  Ultimate Collector, Weird Homes, National Lampoons Comedy Night School, and「開運・なんでも鑑定団」Tokyo Television's 1# show. Additionally he has also been featured on numerous local television commercials and public service announcements as well as having done live promotional feeds from Disney.  Most recently Lucky appeared in the movie "RoboDoc" which is in post-production.  Currently he is working on "RoboDoc Dissected...the making of RoboDoc" a mockumentary on the filming of RoboDoc the movie.

An eclectic individual, Lucky has been in Ripley's Believe It or Not  for swimming a half mile with his foot in his mouth, has authored the seminal book on Yo-Yo collecting "Lucky's Collectors Guide to 20th Century Yo-Yos", has produced the novelty poster "Lucky's Periodic Table of Yo-Yos", has over 18 other publications ranging in such diverse periodicals from Annals of Emergency Medicine to Fiend Magazine and Swimming World.  He has been quoted in both the Wall Street Journal and Investors Business Daily.

A former champion swimmer Lucky has been a past Masters National Champion and world record holder.  He is also a Level 5 certified swimming coach and he currently coaches the Orange County Special Olympics swim team which is one of the largest special Olympics swimming programs in the country.  He hosts a daily open water lake swim which has a cult following among open water swimmers . He has lived in Central Florida since 1987 and continues to maintain a solo dermasurgery practice.  His wife Jacquie is the most tolerant woman in the world and has blessed him with three wonderful sons John VII, Jake and Maximus.