Discover Cantabrian Delights On School Trips

Discover Cantabrian Delights On School Trips

Developing a student, socially and academically is an important benefit of school trips. Giving students the opportunity to challenge their ideas, explore their own limitations and broaden their intellectual horizons is imperative in their maturation and growth. Removing young people from their comfort zone opens doors, develops ideas and helps to build confidence, personally and socially. There are many destinations suitable for school trips all over the world and they are chosen because of their appropriateness for groups of young people.

Travel companies offering school trips usually lend each one to a particular focus of study and modify these to suit the age of the children involved. With travel easily accessible today and most countries easy to travel within, the range of possible destinations is long. Regardless of the dynamics or age of your group, travel companies will tailor trips to suit individual bookings. There is always a good balance of learning opportunities, optional excursions and time out for exploration and fun.

Explore Sunny Spain

The UK is ideally located, with so many wonderful countries within an easy 2-hour flight. Spain has much to offer students on school trips and after just a short plane ride you are transported into a totally different culture, enveloped by a fantastic history and surrounded by a diverse and interesting environment.

Take your group of students to Cantabria in Northern Spain and, for a really authentic Spanish experience, stay in one of the historic villages, such as Santillana del Mar. Meandering through the cobbled streets, marveling at the beautiful Romanesque Colegiata and soaking up the atmosphere on the vibrant, buzzing streets is a great introduction to the area’s history, culture and traditions. This little village is also famous for the Altamira Caves, which are artistically and historically significant and definitely worth a visit.

The village is ideally located for exploring the best parts of the Cantabrian region. The Los Picos de Europa is a national park that combines rich forested areas with extensive stretches of magnificent coastline. There is plentiful opportunity to hike, bike and spend a day relaxing the on the beaches in the area San Sebastian, the interesting Basque town that borders France is famous for its beaches along with the tasty tapas and pichos on offer in bars throughout the city.

The capital of the region, Santander is situated on the stunning coast and bordered with a beautiful mountain range. Its location and beauty historically attracted the wealthier Spanish holiday-maker but today visitors come from all over, lured by the charm of the city, to explore the streets, The Magdalena Peninsula and the beautiful promenade.

School trips to this northern region of Spain would not be complete without a visit to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao. The idea, conjured up by Frank Gehry, is an avante guarde project that is designed to question the typical ideas of museums and their function. The building itself is fascinating and, as it houses some of the best exhibitions in the world it will be a memorable and inspirational addition to any education based itinerary.