Helicopter Charters Rides – Los Angeles

Helicopter Charters Rides – Los Angeles

There are numerous different ways to travel across the city of Los Angeles, and among them, the grandest way to travel will be getting a helicopter charters to your desired destination. If you are hiring a flight exclusively for yourself, then you may as well go for the best as it will ensure your safety and comfort all through the trip. Elite tours offers one of the most reliable chartered flights in the area and you can avail their services. The tours cover flights to all major destinations and they do not just stop at helping you travel by air. They also provide you with accommodation, limousine transport etc all for a reasonable charge in addition to that of the tour.

There are chartered flights not just within the country but also outside, to neighbouring countries such as Canada.


Pricing of the flights that are held by Elite tours are very competitive and you can be compared with the other touring services and you will realize that they are far more reasonable than the others. You can reserve a flight whenever you need.

The charges for the Helicopter Charters Rides are not disclosed on the website and for more information you need to contact the tour operators.

Main features that are provided by the tours

There are many features of Elite tours that make it a cut above the rest. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • There is no hidden fee in the form of cess, tax etc
  • Perfect noise-cancelling headphones are provided to the passengers for comfort while travelling
  • The aircrafts are all air conditioned and thus, you will not have to feel the heat while you make your way to the desired destination
  • There is professional photography that can be availed for a nominal additional amount of money
  • The tour is known to have 100% safety record and thus you can travel without any fear and all the ease

Main destinations that are covered by Elite tours for their chartered flights

  • Santa Monica, California
  • Staples Centre, Los Angeles
  • Los Angeles, California (LAX)
  • Ontario, Canada
  • Long Beach, California
  • Santa Anita, California
  • Santa Barbara, California
  • San Deigo, California
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Palm Springs

These are not the only places where there are chartered flights available for. These have been listed mainly because of the fact that they are the most asked for flights.

More about the aircrafts

The flights that are used for the travel of the passengers are some of the best that are presently available. The main aircrafts that are used as the chartered flights have been mentioned below.

  • 2008 Robinson Raven 2- Completely air conditioned, with leather seats. There are tinted bubble windows that keep the heat and excess light out.
  • 1996 Robinson Beta- Leather seats
  • 1996 Robinson Beta- cloth seats
  • 1998 Robinson Beta- Cloth seats
  • 1968 Schweizer 300- Has been rejigged and is in first class condition
  • 1975 Bell Jetranger 206B3- When this is used the company is acting as an agent airlift international. People availing this as their vehicle for transport are in the care of Airlift international and the company is solely responsible for the same.

For all the information that you need about the tours and the different areas where they are operational, you need to call on (877)624-9242or (310) 948-4354. As it is only here that you will get all the pertinent information with respect to the kind of chartered flight you want, type of accommodation etc. You can also log onto the site to know more about the service provider and compare prices with the competitors.