St Martin – The Holiday Paradise Island in the Caribbean

St Martin – The Holiday Paradise Island in the Caribbean

When planning a vacation in St Martin, one of the things that most people do not realize is that this is a French and Dutch speaking island that was colonized some years ago.  Apart from these influences, the island accent is that lovely lilting tone that smacks of sun, sand and surf holidays of a lifetime.  Indeed, it is hard for outsiders to pick up the patois but the friendliness of the people who live here is second to none s this really does not matter.

Most people start off their holidays exploring the long beaches and viewing the ocean and the beautiful holiday villas and private homes spread all along the beaches. There are some stunning examples of exotic architecture here and this will indeed pass a day or two.  However, when choosing a rental villa in St Maarten, this can be done over the internet where there are some exceptional offers at different times of the year.

Once people have relaxed in their St Martin villas, they usually pick up a hire car and explore the island.  The highest peak, Paradise Peak, rises to one fourteen hundred feet and the road is not the best.  However, we all love that touch of adventure and the view from the top is quite stunning.  Try to pick a day when the sea mist is low otherwise not much will be seen.

Philipsburg is on the Dutch end of the island and welcomes cruise ships from all over the world.  The island enjoys duty free status so all visitors take advantage by visiting the designer and jewelry shops scattered around the place.  On this side of the island too, find casinos and an assortment of night life for the energetic but be aware that traffic is heavy over here.

For those who like even more adventure, try a trip to a neighboring island like Anguilla to visit healers and other kinds of shaman.  On both islands, visitors will be able to take advantage of the trained masseuses and Reiki specialists among other treatments and, since holidays like this are all about relaxation, a touch of treatment should not be missed.

Planning a vacation in St Martin then is probably one of the best ideas that anyone could have.  The island and the surrounding ocean are extremely beautiful and water sports can be tried out here on just about any beach.  In fact, it is practically impossible not to slow down to the island pace of life and this is what most of us need for sure.

Although there was some hurricane damage, and visitors should surely miss this time of year which usually falls around July, the island is in full recovery mode and the islanders need the influx of the tourist dollar.  With that in mind, visitors are actually helping islanders to get back to normal so this in itself is a good excuse for vacationing in St Martin.